What We Do

Deportee Program

Al Otro Lado assists deportees who are struggling to survive in Tijuana. Many deportees have grown up in the United States, and lack the Mexican identity documents necessary to obtain housing, employment, and medical care. Al Otro Lado provides deportees with information on how to obtain identity documents, educational equivalence, and health coverage in Mexico. We also provide deportees with information on potential employment opportunities for English-speakers.

Some of our clients were deported in violation of their due process rights. Wherever possible, our attorneys work to assist deportees who are able to legally return to the United States.

Need Help?

Al Otro Lado hosts periodic legal/medical clinics for deportees in Tijuana. If you or a family member have been deported to Tijuana, please contact us to register for our next clinic, or to obtain basic information about emergency housing, employment, and public health coverage in Tijuana.