a victim of horrific domestic violence, was deported and separated from her two, undocumented teenage sons in the United States, forcing them into homelessness. A U Visa was filed for her based on severe domestic violence, and the case was been pending for far beyond normal processing times. Al Otro Lado investigated the cause of the delay with USCIS, the case was granted, Al Otro Lado traveled to Tijuana to bring Angela back to the US. She is now reunited with her two sons, whose derivative U Visa petitions have also been granted.


qualified for a U Visa as a result of being a victim of a violent attack and cooperating with law enforcement. He was deported while his U Visa application was pending. As a result of U.S. government agency error and being abandoned by his attorney in the United States, he was stranded in Mexico for 2 years. Al Otro Lado intervened and James is now back in the United States with his wife and children.


fled severe violence in his home state of Michoacán where an immediate family member had been brutally murdered several days prior. Al Otro Lado prepared Miguel to turn himself in at the Customs and Border Protection port of entry in San Diego, CA. He passed his Credible Fear Interview and is now in the United States and released from custody living with family.